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Monday, April 10, 2017

Maybe it was 10 carloads that September Saturday night in 82

Since my blog post on getting chased out of Danville, I have heard several names of formal Rebels that got after us that night. Today it was Steve Bramel. Back in 1982, Steve played football for the Rebels. In 2017, Steve has become "Will's Dad." Will Bramel will be a senior lineman for Boyle County this fall and has already received numerous scholarship offers.

The close up is of Steve in the same picture below. He is getting ready to put his facemask in my ribs. I told him that a facemask in my ribs was better than than a punch in the mouth on that previous Saturday night.

In looking back on that night, Steve said. "We were in that parking lot for about 3 seconds."

I am happy for Steve. At least he was a tough guy for 3 seconds. I've never been a tough guy!

And, seriously, it may have been 10 carloads, or more. I didn't count them. I will tell you this, there were a bunch. That's for sure.  If I live to be an old man, the rest of my life I will have former Rebels telling me they were one of the guys that ran me out of Danville. I will enjoy that and I am looking forward to it.  Just like Steve was a tough guy for 3 seconds, maybe we can be HS football players for just a few seconds. That would be good.

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