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Friday, March 24, 2017

Old City School Football..... Nick & George Yeast

If you are around old city school football, you never know who you will run into. One day at Paris, I noticed a car parked near our practice field at Garrard Park.  As I walk closer to the car, I realize that Bill Arnsparger has come to watch our practice!

Tonight, D Smith(UK) & Tyus Short(Ky State U)  announced where they will play college football.  They are both part of the Yeast family and one of the highlights for me tonight was visiting with Nick & George Yeast!

George, me , Nick

Nick & George played against my Dad's Mercer teams in the mid 70s. They were very good players at Harrodsburg HS. Nick went on to a great career at EKU.  George and I have crossed paths several times on Friday nights. George was a part of Bernie Jenkins officiating crew (one of the top crews in Kentucky) and did some of our games when I coached at  both Paris & Mason County. George was an outstanding official, although I did tell him that everyone in Mason County still believes that Corey Jett scored a Touchdown, right at the end of the 1st half, against Rockcastle that night he did our playoff game in 2005!

Nick in 1977, photo by Larry Vaught

George in 1975, photo by Larry Vaught

It's hard for a 51 year old man to feel like a little kid again. But, tonight, standing between George & Nick Yeast, I felt like a 10 year old, and yes, it was even a Friday night!

*After my Dad died, I found all of his old newspaper articles. Trosper organized them into scrapbooks.  I am very thankful for those. I can remember looking forward to getting the Danville Advocate Messenger on Saturday night and reading Larry Vaught's stories on Friday night HS football in our area. HS football is special around here and that was a great era.

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